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Dan Zarella, Alison ZarellaWhen I started reading this book I had something different in mind. Coming from a marketing background and being a heavy social media user, I was looking for a book with great Facebook tips. This book does not do that; yet, it is a great book if you start working on Facebook marketing.

The Facebook Marketing Book, by Dan Zarella and Alison Zarella,  acts as the foundation for your Facebook marketing strategy. Everything, including Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events are described extensively and, although I am not a fan of that, I have to agree that they are extremely useful for an average social media user.

Then, you have the second part – now we move on to the kind of knowledge needed for a social media marketer, which is the part that interests me most. And here you have the book’s weak point. Some chapters are really interesting, yet are covered in so few pages. ROI and especially analytics are things that every marketer should know, and there’s no detail on that (let alone Facebook analytics and their integration to Google analytics, which is one of the most valuable things for marketers).

Summarizing: the book is a great starting point. It contains all the basic knowledge you need (you can understand it even if you’ve started using Facebook 2 weeks ago) plus some extra tips that will help you through your first steps into the world of Facebook. However, if you look for some pro knowledge, you will have to go online after you read this book and search for more. But that’s fair – you don’t expect to get full knowledge of a $50bn trend in less than 300 pages.

Disclosure: I received a free ebook for review purposes.

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by Dan Zarella and Alison Zarrella