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Techcrunch is, together with Mashable (social media), Kotaku (games) and Gamasutra (games again!), my main source of information for  the Web 2.0 world. I decided not to abandon it after AOL bought it, because I believe it’s still on the cutting edge on its sector. But, I don’t like people who judge others from a superior point of view. And that’s why I think that, what happened yesterday to Robin Wauters and his harsh criticism over bad PR, was really intuitive for Techcrunch (short TC). (more…)


My 2 cents on Quora

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Marketing
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quora logoI’m proud for a single fact: I started using Quora before the last days’ buzz about it. I even had a related post about Fluther and Twitter some time ago, and I still believe that social Q&A websites are one of the most sophisticated applications in the Web 2.0 universe. But I haven’t shared my experience with Quora so far, and that’s what I’ll do today. (more…)

It seems that News Corp. is looking to sell MySpace. Therefore, 2011 started with huge lay – offs in the former leading social networking site, in an attempt to reduce its price for potential buyers (which include the well known Zynga – yes, the company that turned you all into farmers with Farmville). It is, however, sad to see how MySpace’s story has changed throughout the years. (more…)