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Data Source Handbook

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Book reviews
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data source handbook by o'reilly mediaThere’s a simple word describing this book: toolbox. The Data Source Handbook is a great source of free APIs for a great number of different applications – with only one drawback: size.

The book starts by offering a simple categorization, that helps the reader find his way through the 57 different sources. Some of these can prove extremely useful (such as Flickr and Delicious), while the author is honest in mentioning specific drawbacks that some of the sources have. The links in the book are also a welcome addition (although I don’t really know if it could work well in any other way).

However, this book is definitely not for people with no programming skills. In my case (I have limited programming skills) it was a bit hard to get used to the book. Adding to this, the main drawback of this book is that it’s short, but this is normal, as it is not meant to include full descriptions.

Overall, this is a great toolbox for developers wishing to enhance their services. I enjoyed experimenting while reading the book (and learning as well, in order to improve my programming skills) and I’ll definitely keep on searching for related titles.

Disclaimer: I received a free ebook for review purposes.

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Time for my second review! This week’s book is The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun. To be honest, I haven’t read any other book from Berkun so far (though many people suggest Confessions of a Public Speaker), but it’s more than likely I’ll start from now on. And the reason is simple: after finishing the book I felt like the guy was in my head!

If you’re looking for a book to tell you how to innovate, then you have missed half of this book’s essence. Because there’s not a single path to innovation (although you’ll get your tips, I promise!) – that’s something you learn from the first chapters. What this book is about is the life of an innovator, the challenges he has to face, the rejection of ideas, and the lonely path to making something new and ground – breaking. Making a trip through history and great inventors, Berkun defines innovation as a long way and not as a single moment. While innovating you’ll fight, get rejected or even reach the bottom – and this book describes what to do in these cases. And even when you succeed, you have the innovator’s dilemma – are you truly open – minded to accept a new thing that may turn your innovation useless?

I enjoyed reading this book, I really did. If you ask me, it’s not going to help you innovate more – of course not. But, all in all, it helps you in creating an attitude towards innovation. I guess that, from now on, I’ll treat innovation in a different way.

Disclaimer: I received a free ebook for review purposes.

I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

by Dan Zarella and Alison Zarrella

This troll will not help you go viral - it can hardly talkdot dot dotIt’s one of these stories that prove that even something good can come from something considered really bad. And sometimes even trolls can help your product go viral, in this crazy story by Mashable (and of course I’m not talking about a real troll, like the one on the left – these creatures are almost incapable of meaningful speech).

It all started when a young kid, Axman13, posted a furious (and wrong, in terms of grammar and syntax) review for the game Super PSTW Action RPG on Newgrounds’ website. Although his review would have been disregarded, actor D-Mac-Double posted a video (actually an audio track) of him voicing Axman’s comments, in his own unique way.

The original video:

The video wasn’t close to what we call viral (it’s still below 16k views on YouTube). But then Mick Lauer, a designer, made an animation for the video, an interesting experiment on kinetic typography. That was it – the video has now almost 430k views on YouTube and probably even more on Newsgrounds. And that’s beacuase pepole acting as trolls can reley offer you some stranth, if you contrail their messages in the right way.

The new video: