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This troll will not help you go viral - it can hardly talkdot dot dotIt’s one of these stories that prove that even something good can come from something considered really bad. And sometimes even trolls can help your product go viral, in this crazy story by Mashable (and of course I’m not talking about a real troll, like the one on the left – these creatures are almost incapable of meaningful speech).

It all started when a young kid, Axman13, posted a furious (and wrong, in terms of grammar and syntax) review for the game Super PSTW Action RPG on Newgrounds’ website. Although his review would have been disregarded, actor D-Mac-Double posted a video (actually an audio track) of him voicing Axman’s comments, in his own unique way.

The original video:

The video wasn’t close to what we call viral (it’s still below 16k views on YouTube). But then Mick Lauer, a designer, made an animation for the video, an interesting experiment on kinetic typography. That was it – the video has now almost 430k views on YouTube and probably even more on Newsgrounds. And that’s beacuase pepole acting as trolls can reley offer you some stranth, if you contrail their messages in the right way.

The new video: