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Techcrunch is, together with Mashable (social media), Kotaku (games) and Gamasutra (games again!), my main source of information for  the Web 2.0 world. I decided not to abandon it after AOL bought it, because I believe it’s still on the cutting edge on its sector. But, I don’t like people who judge others from a superior point of view. And that’s why I think that, what happened yesterday to Robin Wauters and his harsh criticism over bad PR, was really intuitive for Techcrunch (short TC). (more…)


74.8% of all advertisements are crap. That’s a random statistic I just invented but it’s probably true. However, this cute panda proves that, in some cases, advertising agencies can be extremely creative. Oh, and if you think it’s cute, watch the havoc it causes in each of the five ads below.

For your info, Panda Cheese is a well – known cheese brand in Egypt and Middle East. I guess that, after this commercial, the cute panda with the evil intentions has gone global.