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HTML5 Step by Step

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Book reviews
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html5-step-by-stepSo, back after a long time with a new book to review. This week, it’s HTML5 Step by Step. Some intro: I do not have a technical background, but due to my work’s nature I work a lot with HTML. That’s why this book was extremely useful to me.

The book starts with the very basics, such as why using HTML5 – this may sound extremely simple for someone familiar with programming, but in my case it allowed me to better understand the underlying “why’s” behind using HTML5, which were not quite clear before (that was really important for me, as I want to know why I’m using something and what’s the end product of it). But let’s move further into the book.

So…first step: understand how basic formatting is done in HTML5. That was pretty straightforward, as I was familiar with most of the stuff discussed. But in the second part we learn about Style Sheets – for someone who has done little work with HTML, this explains a lot about how certain things are done. I may have worked with image size or simple coloring, but many of the things discussed were kinda new to me. The book gets a bit more advanced as we move further on, and on part 3 we’re introduced to layout and navigation (oh yes, it also includes forms!), while on part 4 we discuss about Expression Web 4 (though I didn’t have the time to use it).

So, why did I like the book? Because it was more of a coursework e-book, together with the example files. I enjoyed reading it in 2 screens (read and work, read and work and again) and I found the whole process really intuitive. That being said, I am not sure if this book applies to intermediate or expert users since I found it of medium difficulty (remember, my level on HTML can be hardly considered as novice).


Disclaimer: I received a free ebook for review purposes.


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