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Yes, most of you already know “The Digital Story of Nativity”, where Joseph, Mary and the 3 wizards use social media to tell the world about Jesus’ birth. But what about a Happy WikiLeaks Christmas? What if WikiLeaks has a list of all your naughty things throughout the year? (more…)


One of my favourite musicians (and a pianist too), Richard Wright died on Septebmer 2008, destroying all hopes of watching Pink Floyd together again. (more…)

This one is funny: everyone keeps saying that the Great Wall of China is the world’s largest man made structure. Technically, this is right. But guess what: there is something even bigger, in volume, and it’s called Fresh Kills. (more…)

Social Q&A’s are on the rise: however, one story that could have gone unnoticed today included the acquisition of one of these Q&A sites by microblogging giant Twitter. (more…)