What’s the story with Bellzar?

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Marketing

While discussing about Blackle on Twitter, I came across a message for what claimed to be the new Blackle, named Bellzar. The search engine claims that it donates money to causes, such as the American Cancer Society, while it helps the environment by having a black background, the same way Blackle does.

There has been a lot of discussion when some former Google employees went on to build Blackle, based on a research by Robertson et.al on 2002 which stated basically that a white monitor requires more energy than a black one. Of course, Google responded to that, stating that black colour on flat screens consumes even more energy.

So, I tried searching for Bellzar and anything that has to do with it, including news, social media etc. howsociable.com revealed a very low visibility in all social media but Twitter, where it appears that Bellzar’s account, @Bellzar, is not engaging too much but has many followers and a bunch of related accounts. Moreover, there are no news on Google at all, which makes it even more difficult to define whether Bellzar is really sponsored by Google. If it is, doesn’t this seem like Google saying “oh, you know what, black screens actually save energy”? And after all, how does Bellzar donate money through every search? We are all familiar with the business model of search engines, and I am rather sceptical about the fact that Google may donate money from their Paid-advertisment placings for charity. If they do so, why don’t they just do it through Google itself?

So, finally, what’s the story with Bellzar? Is it trully something with an intention to change things, or just another PR activity around a topic that is already much discussed?

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for writing about this its really interesting. To be honest, I can’t find any reason why you wouldn’t use Bellzar. I researched it and found out that like Blackle, Bellzar was formed by not Google itself, but a third party working with Google.

    So, I emailed the guys at Bellzar, (http://www.bellzar.com/aboutbellzar.htm its at the bottom) and they responded and were truly kind and motivating.

    So, Bellzar is truly something with the intention to change things, and I hope you use it as I will 🙂

    • avento3m says:

      Thank you for this one! I will use Bellzar, even just out of curiosity (in fact, I already did, in order to check its results). I was only sceptical, since Google, almost 2 years ago, reacted to Blackle by criticising the claim about black screens and reduction in energy consumption. It didn’t do the same in this case, so I am wondering what this actually means…

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