Is Google a customer led business?

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Marketing

It has been in my mind for some days, since I was first iniciated in the RUCL model (are you Customer-led). I guess that one of the key points about Google is that it does not always respond to needs – in some cases it is proactive, with all the positive and negative aspects associated to this. As we speak, Google is preparing the launch of a new search engine, Google Caffeine, which will change some things, most important of them the results’ appearance. Will this be succesful or not? We still do not know, but Google felt that a bit of “renewal” was needed, since Microsoft introduced Bing, with a clear intention to attack Google’s market share.

Apart from this, Google seems to change constantly things in Google Chrome. Should you add Google’s attempts to enter the OS market, we have a very proactive company, but is this always to the clients’ direction? It all leads back to that funny Dilbert strip, depicting a company with no marketing department, where engineers were free to design whatever they wanted to.

Yet, Google is quite succesful, leading the way in many fields and, apart from some mistakes it has made during the past years, continues to be a titan on its field. Could this mean that at some points you have to identify trends and needs even before they occur?


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