Companies still do not understand Web 2.0. – the case of Rupert Murdoch and Microsoft

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Marketing

NewsCorp is about to withdraw all of its news from Google. Microsoft will play a significant role in this, since Microsoft Bing will be the only engine with access to these news, for the right price of course, as announced yesterday.

Nothing new here. Corporations still do not understand the power of Web 2.0., and still think of the web generally as a place to make big money. Stupid kind of thinking from narrow-minded people, who cannot understand that Web was developed by academics and tech people and NOT by business people. So what if Murdoch decides to withdraw his articles from Google? They are really a drop in the ocean, since people have ways to be informed without paying anything at all. On the other hand, it is quite disgraceful that Microsoft decided to move this way, since it shows that it really has no intention to participate in Web 2.0. Not an innovative approach, right?

Google will continue to exist after this, that’s for sure. People will not even notice the loss of content, and Murdoch will eventually destroy both his company’s brand and his personal story as a smart businessman. Something which again points out the obvious: no matter how smart you are, if you cannot understand Web 2.0., don’t mess with it.


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